Project Result 3: Creation and piloting of educational modules

The third goal of the PHILIP project is to develop training materials and educational modules on health literacy for 11-15-year-old students. These resources, based on national analyses and the teachers’ book, aim to empower educators to effectively teach essential health skills in the classroom.

The creation process of the training materials and educational modules is divided into four modules, which are further divided into 12 chapters in total. Each module is designed to cover approximately 1 hour, meaning 4 hours in total.

1. “Finding and Understanding Information

  • How to Look for Information from Reliable Sources Online
  • How to Look for Information from Reliable Sources in Person
  • How to Stay up-to-date on Current Health Information
  • How to Interpret Information from a Doctor

2. “Your Health, Your Responsibility

  • How Sleep, Exercise and Diet Influence Health
  • Fun and Interactive Activities to Encourage Healthy Habits

3. “Choosing What is Best for Your Health

  • Understanding the Risks of Mistreatments
  • Making Good Decisions about Health
  • Developing Critical Thinking Skills

4. “First Aid and Responses to Emergencies

  • How to React in Emergencies and Call for Help
  • Basic First Aid Techniques
  • Practice Exercises to Develop First Aid Skills

Before the distribution of the modules in schools for daily use by educators, a piloting session of the modules has been carried out among 240 primary school pupils (40 for the 6 partner countries) to test their functionality.

All the training materials and educational modules are now available in all partners’ languages and in English:

  • Access to PHILIP modules (English language), here.